The small visible vessels of the face and décolleté are generally treated by laser, however sometimes the blood pressure is very strong as for example on the wings of the nose or small angiomas and then the electrocoagulation of the rosacea is the treatment of choice. The coagulation of the vessels will be done by an electric bias.

With an extremely fine needle we will coagulate via an electricity generator each vessel, it will be done step by step. The session is slightly painful but largely bearable, anesthetic cream is not recommended because it will cause vasoconstriction and reduce the vessel to clot.

A fine croutelle will appear in the days that follow and will be barely visible because extremely fine and easily make up. It will disappear within 3 to 5 days. He has no specific care to perform after the electrocoagulation session.

One to two electrocoagulation sessions for rosacea may be sufficient for 15 days to remove rosacea.

Telangiectasia / Ruby Point / Pendulums (teats) / Stellar angiomas / Grains of millium / Cholesterol deposits

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