Getting a massage is taking care of your body. The various techniques applied help improve physique and create perfect curves. Massage also acts on the skin and helps treat cutaneous imperfections.

The main benefits of massage on the body are:

  • Lumbar pain relief
  • Reduced sciatica and pain in the neck, back, head and feet
  • The draining of toxins and cellulite
  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Lowered fatigue and improved energy
  • Improved sleep and digestion (fights constipation) and more effective blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Helps prevent illnesses
  • Helps in the treatment of serious illnesses like cancer, improves asthma and relieves labour pain

The psychological benefits of massage
While acting on the physical body, massage improves mood, attention and awareness of emotions, leaving patients feeling re-energized.
Massage provides a sense of relaxation and complete well-being, lifting mood and helping fight stress, anxiety and depressive states.

The combined effect of various massage types and techniques ensures patients receive a quality of treatment beyond their expectations. The right type of massage should be chosen with the body’s needs in mind.

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Swedish massage

60 minutes  70.
90 minutes  100.

Back and neck massage

35 minutes  50.
50 minutes  70.

Deep tissue massage

60 minutes  88.
90 minutes  122.

Therapeutic massage

60 minutes  85.
90 minutes  115.

Rain massage

60 minutes  132.
90 minutes  162.


30 minutes  45.
30 minutes (when combined with another service)  30.
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